If it seems phishy or fake…

Have you ever received an email message from a friend that just seemed a little weird? Even though it was from someone you knew, something just wasn’t right. Sometimes the message sounds too good to be true, or maybe a message is forwarded from a friend or relative with an urgent warning that seems unbelievable.
Tip: Use Snopes.com. This site lists hundreds of internet hoaxes, rumors, misinformation, and strange news items and tries to verify each one as true or false using research. It’s fun to browse, but also useful to check when you have a read something suspicious online or in your email.


One Response to If it seems phishy or fake…

  1. Maeve says:

    Yay Eve!!!

    I visited Perth yesterday and complained to all and sundry that The Fridge appeared to have died – but here it is ticking along smoothly. Give it a good kick and please keep it alive with useful stuff like this. See you soon

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