Networks for the birds

On Sunday, 21 June, I took our parrot outside in her house (cage) for some sun and air.  However, the small flap was open and Io escaped at great velocity in the direction of the park.  That afternoon and the next morning I walked through the park and surrounding treed areas calling ‘Io’ without result.

We phoned and visited Vets, Shopping Centres, schools, a local pet shop, put advertisements in The West, Quokka, the local paper and  Sunshine radio, and made leaflet drops to houses close to the park.

Sunday night saw a minimum of two degrees and  rain.   It rained on following days.  The risk of meeting feathered predators and rough weather is completely different from the comforts of home.

As the days went by it seemed that the chances of finding Io were diminishing.

On the evening of Wednesday, 1 July there was a phone call from Vince who walks a dog in the park.  He had talked to a young couple who had found a one-eyed parrot but he did not know where they lived.  The following afternoon we were in the park at the right time but we did not see the couple.  Several  hours later we had a phone call from Renee, who with her partner, John, had rescued Io.  So were able to bring her home.

Networks are funny things.  Some parts of a network may be redundant but you can not predict what is going to be most useful.

Sources of information are important.  Vince still had our flier in his bin so he was able to phone us and tell us that a one-eyed parrot had been found in the park.  Human networks are critically important.  Renee’s grandmother saw our advertisement in the Quokka and phoned Renee, then Renee phone us.

The network  reached our neighbours:  She said ‘They’ve got their parrot back’, and he replied ‘Bugger me’.


2 Responses to

  1. Maeve says:

    Richard, so glad the bird returned – and that The Fridge is still alive and well. I’m writing this from warm, sunny Bali where I’m on well-earned rest and recuperation.

  2. Jodie Horton says:

    Its great you have your bird back! great network you have there…

    Theres a dog lost in my neighbourhood..lets hope that goes as well as your experience.

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